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2020-01-10 11:59:39
6 Tips for Selling Your Home in Winter

Selling Your Home In Winter

Planning to put your home on the market this winter? Here's 6 tips to consider to get the ball rolling:

1.    Clear the way

Ensure that the walkways and paths on your property are clear of snow and ice. If you need to lay sand, you’ll also need a sturdy doormat for foot-wiping.

  1. Lighting

Winter is, almost by definition, the darkest time of the year. A little creative lighting, however, can help counteract the gloom on the outside. Start by opening all curtains, drapes, shades and blinds. Turn on every light in the house, including those inside laundry areas and closets. Light a fire in the fireplace. If there are dark corners in your home consider purchasing some inexpensive lamps. Strategically placed decorative mirrors on the walls act as light-reflectors.

  1. Control the temperature

If it's very cold outside and nice and toasty inside the prospective buyer will tend to linger. That is exactly what you want him or her to do.

  1. Do a little staging

Small vignettes scattered throughout the home will present it in a warm, charming way. Add an open book and a pair of reading glasses alongside a china tea cup on your nightstand. Set the dining room table as if you are expecting company. Prop a cookbook on an acrylic stand on a kitchen counter. Play some soft music in the background.

  1. De-stink

In winter, when homes are closed up and don't get adequate ventilation, odors tend to linger. Stale cigarette smoke and pet odors are two that are quite difficult to mask. It's tempting to go too far in the other direction, however, by using air fresheners, scented candles and potpourri.

Too many times these deodorizers conflict with one another creating a hodge-podge of smells that can be overwhelming. Choose one scent, be it vanilla, spice, or floral and make sure all of your plug-ins, candles and other household deodorizers are of the same family.

  1. Make 'em stick around

Pre-make hot drinks and pour them into a thermos or insulated carafe set alongside a tray of snacks to entice buyers to linger. The longer they remain in the home the more likely they are to see something they like.

If you have questions, call the professionals at Stone Crest Realty! (860)-283-2225

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